Action Planning & Consultation

Every year, schools and divisions will participate in strategic diversity action planning that ties back to the Embrace Diversity strategic plan. The Division of Diversity and Inclusion serves as an internal consultant to teams who are working on developing, implementing and trouble-shooting their diversity plans.

Diversity Inventory Report

Diversity Action Planning Documents

Instructions – Diversity Strategic Plans
Template – Inventory of Diversity Initiatives
Template – Diversity Action Plan
Example – Diversity Action Plan

Affirmative Action

Diversity and affirmative action programs and policies are interdependent means to ensure equal opportunity, access, equity and inclusion throughout UMKC. The Affirmative Action office is responsible for coordinating UMKC’s Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity program, monitoring the university’s compliance with federal and state laws, regulations and the investigation of discrimination and harassment complaints by students, faculty and staff against university employees. To learn more about the Affirmative Action Plan or to file a discrimination related complaint, visit The Office of Affirmative Action.