Changing our Campus One Green Dot at a Time

By Maya Burtin, M.S. (she/her) Outreach & Prevention  Education Coordinator and Green Dot Administrator

Green Dot is a comprehensive bystander intervention training program meant to encourage all members of the UMKC campus community to effectively respond to power-based violence, including dating/intimate partner violence, sexual misconduct, and stalking. The program aims to teach participants the skills necessary to identify problematic behavior, practice safe and effective methods of intervention, and take action as a bystander.

Imagine acts of violence as red dots on a map. When nothing is done, the red dots grow and spread. Bystander intervention strategies are green dots, empowering bystanders to take action against potential power-based personal violence on campus. Green Dots are small, intentional actions anyone can take to influence culture change on our campus. Some Green Dots are reactive – actions you can take if you witness a potentially violent situation – and some Green Dots are proactive – actions you can take at any time to educate yourself, your friends, and make your commitment to ending power-based violence clear. The goal is to ultimately build a culture that turns all the red dots into green dots, preventing acts of violence before they occur. Green Dot is about the choices we each make, at every moment, to make our communities safer through our behaviors, words, choices, and actions.

Anyone can do a Green Dot at any time, and when we get everyone at UMKC to do one Green Dot every day, we will reduce instances of power-based violence on our campus and within our communities. To learn more, check out our website at, send us an email at, or call us at (816) 235-1652.