Council Roster



Mauli Agrawal (Chancellor)
Susan Wilson (Division of Diversity and Inclusion)

Council Members

Gene Agee (African American Leaders Council)
Abdul Baba Ahmed (Student Government Association)
Ricardo Aristiguieta Pulgar (International Student representative)
Hardara Bar-Nadav (English)
Angela Bennett (African American Leaders Council)
Brenda Bethman (Women’s Center)
Ann Cary (School of Nursing and Health Studies)
Raymond Cattaneo (Alumni Association)
Lona Davenport (Division of Diversity and Inclusion, Staff Council)
Nancy Day (Bloch School of Management)
Keichanda Dees-Burnett (Office of Multicultural Student Affairs)
Timothy Degnan (Chancellor’s LGBT Council)
Steven Dilks (English, Faculty Senate Chair)
Ursula Gurney (Department of Intercollegiate Athletics)

Yvonne Hood (Division of Diversity and Inclusion)
Liza Hughey (Staff Council)
Kimberly Johnson (Chancellor’s Office)
Makini King (Division of Diversity and Inclusion)
Scott Laurent (Office of Student Disability Services)

Nicole Leone (External Relations and Constituent Engagement)
Linda Mitchell (Martha Jane Phillips Starr Missouri Distinguished Professor of Women’s and General Studies, History, Faculty Senate)

Omiunota Ukpokodu (Faculty Senate)
Jill Reyes (Human Resources)
J.D. Rios (Hispanic Advisory Board)
Jeanne Rooney (KCUR)
Fariha Shafi (School of medicine)
Randy Shingleton (Facilities Operations)
Lisen Tammeus (University Advancement)
Nate Thomas (School of Medicine)
Mikah Thompson (Office of Affirmative Action)
Kim West (Strategic Marketing and Communications)
Sybil Wyatt (Affirmative Action)

Barbara Bichelmeyer (Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor) will continue to serve in an advisory role, as well as an alternate for Dr. Agrawal, when necessary.


We would like to acknowledge the diligent work by the following former UMKC staff and faculty members, whose efforts on this council were greatly appreciated: Marita Barkis, former Co-Chair, as well as, Marcus Iszard and Rhonda Weimer.

We also thank the following former council members for their time of service and continued service at UMKC:

Miguel A. Carranza
Jie Chen
Traci Parker-Gray
Marsha Pyle
Jessica A. Smith
Tiffany Williams