Council Roster



Barbara Bichelmeyer and Susan Wilson

Council Members

Hardara Bar-Nadav
Angela Bennett
Brenda Bethman
Breann Branch
Ann Cary
Raymond Cattaneo
Lona Davenport
Nancy Day
Keichanda Dees-Burnett
Kimberly Johnson
Kathleen Kilway
Makini King
Scott Laurent
Danielle Martinez
Dea Marx
Daniel McIntosh
Freda Mendez Smith
Jill Reyes
Jeanne Rooney
Navya Sane
Fariha Shafi
Randy Shingleton
Mike Sigler
Lisen Tammeus
Mikah Thompson
Kim West
Derrick Willis
Carla Wilson


We would like to acknowledge the diligent work by the following former UMKC staff and faculty members, whose efforts on this council were greatly appreciated: Marita Barkis, former Co-Chair, as well as, Marcus Iszard and Rhonda Weimer.

We also thank the following former council members for their time of service and continued service at UMKC:

Miguel A. Carranza
Jie Chen
Traci Parker-Gray
Marsha Pyle
Jessica A. Smith
Tiffany Williams