Council Roster



Mauli Agrawal (Chancellor)
Dr. Makini King (Interim Vice Chancellor – Division of Diversity and Inclusion)

Council Members

Academic Units:

Mikah Thompson – Law School

Aidan Soder – Conservatory

Richard Bigham – Dentistry

Maqual Graham – Pharmacy

Omiunota Ukpokodu and Jake Marszalek – Education, Social Work and Psych Sci

Stephen Dilks and Caitlin Horsmon – Humanities and Social Sciences

Sally Ellis Fletcher – Nursing and Health Studies

Nancy Hoover – Graduate Studies

Dr. Tyler Smith – School of Medicine – DEI office

Sidne G. Ward – Bloch School

Non-Academic Units

Lona Davenport – Division of Diversity and Inclusion

Yvonne Hood – Division of Diversity and Inclusion

Doug Swink – Enrollment Management

Elora Thomas – Admissions

Michelle Cone – Parking Dept.

Tammy Welchert – Roos Student Success

Keichanda Dees Burnett – Student Affairs

Dr. Kimberly Johnson – Student Affairs

Kimali West – Strategic Marketing and Communications

Tracey Hughes – Libraries

Vice Chancellor Curt Crepino – External Relations and Constituent Engagement

Jill Reyes – Human Resources

Brenda Bethman – Women Center

Kathleen Kilway – Faculty Senate

Karen King – Staff Council

Andre Logan – Chancellor’s Office

Scott Laurent – Student Disability Services

KC Atchinson – Title IX/Affirmative Action


JD Rios – Hispanic Advisory Board

Tim Degnan – LGBTQIA Council


Tim Nguyen – Student Government

John Cottrell or Raquel McCommon – Health Science Diversity and Inclusion Council

Affinity Groups

Black and Roo Faculty/Staff Association – Dr. Kimberly Johnson or Toya Like

Disability Alliance – Matthew Edwards

Mi Gente – Ricardo Marte or Yvonne Hood

ARWAA – Adriana Paez or Lori Sexton or Alicen Lundgren or Michelle Smirnova

LGBTQIA – Jen Santee


Jennifer Lundgren (Provost) or Diane Filion (Vice Provost) will continue to serve in an advisory role, as well as an alternate for Chancellor Agrawal, when necessary.