Baladí: a Community of Writers and Artists

By Daisy Garcia, Communications Major,
Iván Ramírez, Senior Student Services Coordinator, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs – Avanzando Program, and
Dr. Alberto Villamandos, UMKC Foreign Languages Chair

Through Baladí online fanzine many of our students find that outlet to express themselves and be creative. The fanzine currently takes pieces from not only students and faculty at UMKC but also Kansas City and beyond. There is no doubt that this has been one of the most difficult years for many people. If this year has taught us something, it would be to count our blessings and appreciate every moment of life.  This online zine does just that through poems, short stories, and illustrations. Baladí. An Arabic word defined as something of little value or not worthy of attention or appreciation. The goal is to find appreciation for those unpolished moments we all have during the day. In baladí 6 prologue, Daisy Garcia-Montoya, UMKC Communication expresses her view of the current world we live in and the hope we all yearn for as society. Because beauty can be found even among the chaotic the world may be. The magazine has reached its 6th issue, and has included contributions from UMKC students, artists and poets from Mexico, Cuba, and Spain.” – Dr. Alberto Villamandos, UMKC Foreign Languages Chair.

An article in Baladí by Daisy Garcia

Hemos llegado a otoño y estamos a tan solo unos meses de acabar el año. Un año que nos ha enseñado qué tan vulnerable es la vida y qué tan rápido llega a su fin. Este año ha sido distinto y no solo lo digo por la pandemia, sino por nuestra reacción de cómo seguir adelante aunque el mundo se vea caído. La humanidad es curiosa y a veces destructiva con todo aquello que no conocemos bien. Con todo lo malo que ha llegado en este año 2020, hay una emoción vista alrededor del mundo: esperanza. Es la esperanza de tener algún momento, lugar o tan solo un día mejor, que nos da la fortaleza para luchar y seguir adelante. Sin esperanza, lo imposible sigue siendo imposible y nada cambiará. Al contrario, cuando uno se llena de aquella emoción que nos hace sentir que hay una posibilidad de algo mejor, de un mundo donde nuestros sueños se hagan realidad, la vida vuelve a tener sentido. Es por estos sueños que seguimos luchando, tratando de aprender a volar para seguir adelante.

En esta sexta edición de la revista Baladí, la esperanza y camino a nuestros sueños es un tema común entre los textos. Poesía que nos describe momentos de la vida que hacen que valga la pena pasar por lo difícil. Palabras que nos hacen sentir y recordar que, si existe un día de mañana mejor, solo nos hace falta recordarlo. Versos que nos hacen reflexionar la vida mientras nos recuerdan lo frágil y hermosa que es.

Sea esta tu primera o sexta vez leyendo Baladí, hay una cosa que queda claro: después de seguir a la siguiente página, no pararás hasta que lo hayas terminado y te volverás un amante de la poesía, reflexiones, y coleccionista de palabras. Siempre hay belleza en donde tú la busques, aunque se vea un mundo de caos.

A veces hay que ver un fin para ver el comienzo de algo mejor.

A translation to English for those who do not speak a second language:

We have reached autumn and we are only a few months away from the end of the year. A year that has taught us how vulnerable life is and how quickly it comes to an end. This year has been different and I am not only saying this because of the pandemic but because of our reaction to how to move forward even if the world is down. Humanity is curious and sometimes destructive with everything that we do not know well. With all the bad that has come in this year 2020, there is an emotion seen around the world: hope. It is the hope of having some time, place, or just a better day that gives us the strength to fight and move on. Without hope, the impossible remains impossible and nothing will change. On the contrary, when one is filled with that emotion that makes us feel that there is a possibility of something better, of a world where our dreams come true, life makes sense again. It is for these dreams that we keep fighting, trying to learn to fly in order to move on.

In this sixth edition of Baladí magazine, hope and the path to our dreams is a common theme among the texts. Poetry describes moments in life that make the difficult worth going through. Words that make us feel and remember that, if there is a better tomorrow, we only need to remember it. Verses that make us reflect on life while reminding us how fragile and beautiful it is.

Whether this is your first or sixth time reading Baladí, there is one thing that is clear: after continuing to the next page, you will not stop until you have finished it and you will become a lover of poetry, reflections, and a collector of words. There is always beauty where you look for it, even if you see a world of chaos.

Sometimes you have to see an end to see the beginning of something better.

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