About Us

Our Mission:

To promote diversity and inclusion as a critical success factor in student, staff and faculty success.

We are committed to fostering inclusive educational opportunities and an equitable community environment for all students, faculty, staff and stakeholders. The Division of Diversity and Inclusion provides leadership to ensure that diversity is a vital component in all programs, and decision-making processes in the areas of administration, academia, and development across the UMKC campus.

Our Guiding Vision:

Diversity is an important “driver” of excellence in higher education. Diversity and inclusion strategies also impact UMKC’s enrollment, retention and graduation goals and strategies for a diverse student and faculty body. Diversity has been adopted as Goal # 5 of UMKC’s Strategic Plan.

UMKC’s subsequent Diversity Strategic Plan outlines key strategies to improve diversity and inclusion across Five Dimensions to “Embrace Diversity.”

Dimension 1: Representation, Access & Success
Dimension 2: Climate and Campus Environment
Dimension 3: Responsive Teaching, Research, and Experiential Learning
Dimension 4: UMKC and the Urban Community in Partnership
Dimension 5: Institutional Infrastructure and Resources

Biennial Report:

Division of Diversity and Inclusion Biennial Report