If testing accommodations are part of your Accommodation Plan, here are the steps you should take. 

  1. Use RooAccess to send out your Faculty Notification Letters.
  2. Contact your faculty and ask how they would like to arrange exam accommodations.
  3. If they want you to take your exams with Student Disability Services you will need to make a request for each exam. Please follow the training module below on how to schedule your exams with us.
  4. We encourage you submit your exam requests for the entire semester as soon as possible.
  5. We need no less than one (1) week’s notice to schedule an exam, except for final exams which require three (3) weeks’ notice.


Email examrequestsds@umkc.edu.


How to Schedule Exams at Student Disability Services (Coming soon)

Accommodated Testing Policies (PDF)