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This blog publis­hes the let­ters of Hil­de Lau­be and Roland Nord­hoff (pseud­onyms), which las­ted from 1938 to 1946. Vol­un­te­ers from several coun­tries work col­la­bo­ra­tively to trans­form their 4000+ well pre­ser­ved, hand­writ­ten let­ters into this digi­tal for­mat. You can learn more about this cor­re­spon­dence here.

This pro­ject in the public huma­nities seeks to pro­mo­te exchan­ge about this his­to­ri­cal cor­re­spon­dence and dis­cus­sion about the mea­ning of the Nazi past for the pre­sent. The let­ters are use­ful for aut­hors, citi­zens, foun­da­ti­ons, rese­ar­chers, stu­dents, and tea­chers; learn more here about what you can do with them.

We are also always hal­lo to wel­co­me new mem­bers to our team of tran­scri­bers and blog­gers if you are inte­res­ted in get­ting invol­ved. Con­ta­ct us here.

In the mean­ti­me, feel free to read the let­ters chro­no­lo­gi­cal­ly or to search them eit­her using our index of topics or for any string of cha­rac­ters using the full-text search func­tion. If you regis­ter, you can also com­ment on the let­ters and par­ti­ci­pa­te in dis­cus­sion on our forums (with moderation). 

Over the years, we have begun to trans­form the writ­ten let­ters into several other media for­mats inclu­ding aca­de­mic arti­cles, audio pro­grams, plays, and a tea­ching cur­ri­cu­lum. You can learn more about the­se various for­mats here.

Each media affords a dif­fe­rent ans­wer to the ques­ti­on of how one might enga­ge with the past in the pre­sent. The various for­mats also demons­tra­te the wide ran­ge of per­spec­ti­ves through which one might cri­ti­cal­ly enga­ge with the past. We cor­di­al­ly wel­co­me you to par­ti­ci­pa­te by crea­ting new forms and offe­ring your own interpretations.

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