Trug und Schein: A Correspondence

Bergerson, Inscribing Yourself

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Andrew Stuart Ber­ger­son, Kan­sas City

A First Arti­cle about Hil­de and Roland

The arti­cle demons­tra­tes how Hil­de and Roland use their cor­re­spon­dence to “inscri­be them­sel­ves” into a Nazi future during their courtship from 1938 to 1940, buil­ding a rela­ti­ons­hip of trust bet­ween them­sel­ves by lin­king it to a rela­ti­ons­hip of trust with God, par­ents, and the Führer.
See: Andrew Stuart Ber­ger­son, T&S Mit­her­aus­ge­ber, “Das Sich-Ein­schrei­ben in die NS-Zukunft: Lie­bes­brie­fe als Quel­le für eine All­tags­ge­schich­te der ‘Volks­ge­mein­schaft.’” In Der Ort der “Volks­ge­mein­schaft” in der deut­schen Gesell­schafts­ge­schich­te, edi­ted by Det­lef Schmie­chen-Acker­mann, Mar­lis Buch­holz, Bian­ca Roitsch, Karl H. Schnei­der, Chris­tia­ne Schrö­der, 223–41. Pader­born: Fer­di­nand Schö­ning, 2018.
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Ber­ger­son, Inscrib­ing Yourself

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