Trug und Schein: A Correspondence

08. May 1938

T&S Ava­tar

L.‬ on May 8, 1938.

Most respec­ta­ble Ms. Laube,‬

I recei­ved your let­ter on Satur­day. Sin­ce then I have thought about you frequently.

It is qui­te impro­bable that I will come to A‬. Plea­se wri­te to me your con­cerns. You can be con­fi­dent that it will not be deli­ve­r­ed to an unsym­pa­the­tic recei­ver; I will neit­her laugh off nor belitt­le wha­te­ver you wri­te. If I can, I will glad­ly help you.

I am cur­r­ent­ly sit­ting hier in L., a small vil­la­ge in the Saxon regi­on of Switz­er­land. Asi­de from some plain­ti­ve­ness and sad­ness, I am gra­te­ful for this turn of events. I was bog­ged down in qui­te a few things in O. That which awaits me here in L. is cer­tain­ly still a mys­te­ry, but I am com­ple­te­ly con­fi­dent that it makes sen­se and will ulti­mate­ly ser­ve my best inte­rests. Plea­se wri­te without a return address, so as to depri­ve tho­se who like to pry into other’s secrets (‬in a small town that can even inclu­de the mail­man). For this rea­son, I also wri­te without ‬a return address. ‬

Be assu­red of my grea­test respect and accept my most heart­felt greetings,‬

from [Roland Nordhoff]‬

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08. May 1938

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