04. May 1938


O., on May 4, 1938.

Estee­med Mr. [Nord­hoff].

Plea­se par­don my con­duct, but I must address this let­ter to you. I want to ask you a gre­at favor: that you grant me a chan­ce to talk with you on the 11. or 12. of June. Plea­se under­stand me cor­rect­ly: I must speak with you.

Should it be impos­si­ble for you to get the­re, then I ask that you tell me whe­ther I could address the mat­ter with you in writing. 

I take the oppor­tu­ni­ty to send you best wishes,

Yours, Hil­de [Lau­be].

P.S. I apo­lo­gi­ze for the lack of return address. I would not like to crea­te embarr­ass­ment for you. 

Plea­se fol­low and like us:
04. May 1938

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