archiviert An Historical Drama about Hilde and Roland in Englisch

Love in the Age of Hit­ler: A Court­ship in Let­ters, 1938–1940 An his­to­ri­cal dra­ma by K. Scott Bak­er, Andrew Stuart Ber­ger­son, and Debo­rah Par­ker. The let­ters of Hil­de and Roland lend them­sel­ves to adapt­a­ti­on as an his­to­ri­cal dra­ma for many reasons. The­re is dra­ma in their self-pre­­sen­­ta­­ti­on as let­ter wri­ters, in the chal­lenges they face at buil­ding their rela­ti­onship, and in their strug­gles to […]

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