archiviert PHS Students Reactions to “Love…”

[Bb 190327 PHS Stu­dents Reac­tions to “Love…”]

In March 2019, high school stu­dents from the Pem­bro­ke Hill School par­ti­ci­pa­ted in a beta test of Unit 1 of our new T&S Cur­ri­cu­lum. Histo­ry tea­cher Ms. Jea­net­te L. Jones asked her stu­dents to read the intro­duc­tion and first sce­ne of the his­to­ri­cal dra­ma “Love in the Age of Hit­ler: a Courtship in Let­ters, 1938–40,” which lay out the cha­rac­ters and their situa­ti­on. The stu­dents also wat­ched the pre­mier per­for­mance of the first sce­ne. They then dis­cus­sed the prompts pro­vi­ded in the first activity:

Activity Nr. 1: Identify the Protagonists (45 Minutes)

  • Iden­ti­fy the two prot­ago­nist. What do we know about them from this sce­ne in terms of their age, class, gen­der, occup­a­ti­on, race, reli­gi­on, and residence?
  • In what ways are they simi­lar or dif­fe­rent? How do you see the­se dif­fe­ren­ces in the way they express themselves?
  • Whe­re do the­se iden­ti­ties place them in Ger­man socie­ty in terms of wealth and sta­tus? Remem­ber that we are tal­king here about the Third Reich in 1938.

Activity Nr. 2:  Explore the Setting (20 minutes)

  • What does each per­son or thing on the sta­ge represent?
  • How do the cha­rac­ters and objects move on the sta­ge? What does this tell us about their ever­y­day life?
  • What about the “invi­si­ble” ele­ments of their social con­text like fami­ly rela­ti­ons, atti­tu­des about work, gen­der roles, and sexu­al norms?
  • What can you infer about their his­to­ri­cal con­text from their actions? 

Ms. Jones invi­ted Dr. Ber­ger­son to speak to the class by Sky­pe. The stu­dents were given a chan­ce to ask ques­ti­ons direct­ly to one of the lea­ders of the T&S pro­ject. The con­ver­sa­ti­on was lively, focu­sing most­ly on ques­ti­ons of gen­der rela­ti­ons, sexua­li­ty, and the postman.

As a home­work assign­ment, Ms. Jones then told the stu­dents to wri­te a short respon­se on a blog that she hosts for their class. Their respon­ses can be read here. Ms. Jones’ unit descrip­ti­on for her stu­dents can be read here.

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archi­viert PHS Stu­dents Reac­tions to “Love…”

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