Audio Books

Once the let­ters have been recor­ded and broad­cast at Radio Ton­kuh­le, you can lis­ten to them on Radio Ton­kuh­le as Pod­casts in their ori­gi­nal Ger­man as a play­list. Each volu­me of indi­vi­du­al let­ters (Nr. 1–12) and mon­th­ly pro­grams (Nr. 13) cor­re­sponds to one year. The Pod­cast links will be live in short order.

Pro­duc­tion: Tho­mas Munt­schick, PhD, Zugangs­of­fe­ne Sen­de­plät­ze, Radio Ton­kuh­le

Voice Artist/Hilde: Manue­la Hörr, Rapid Arts Move­ment, Hildesheim

Voice Artist/Roland: Mark Roberts, Rapid Arts Move­ment, Hildesheim

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