A healthful smile is not going to at all times guarantee a bright white smile. As we get older our teeth naturally darken and become discolored. You are able to carefully and effectively acquire that brilliant, white smile you have always hoped to have through personalized teeth whitening which we provide.

Cosmetic teeth whitening can remove stains from your teeth caused by:


•  Coffee
•  Tea
•  Tobacco
•  Food
•  Tartar

Within just a single office visit, you can have a whiter, youthful appearing smile once more.

Smile lightening is a process by which surface and internal stains are taken away from each tooth. Whitening of the exterior discolorations starts with having your teeth completely cleaned and polished in the office. After that, peroxide gels are applied to your teeth here at the dental office and at home using custom fitted plastic trays which we make for you. The gel moves through the surface and into the internal layers of your teeth expelling oxygen that dissipates the unsightly stains.

Orange, yellow and brown hued blemishes are usually most easily lightened, particularly when they have developed with time. Gray and blue hued stains tend to be a lot more challenging to reduce as is considerable tetracycline discoloration. Tetracycline is an antibiotic that, if given to young children while their permanent teeth happen to be developing, will result in staining of those teeth in adulthood. We provide several solutions in smile whitening, that are quick and effective, non-invasive procedures bound to improve your confidence and self esteem and give you a wonderful smile. Soon after going over your goals and expectations, our dentists are going to propose the lightening approach which is good for your teeth, your current schedule and your budget.

It is vital that you remember that teeth whitening agents only affect actual tooth structure (enamel, root surface and the hidden layer referred to as “dentin”). Any sort of restorative materials (fillings, veneers or crowns) you might have in or on your teeth won’t be whitened. This means that after your bleaching is finished, any restorations not the same shade as your brand new, whiter smile should be replaced.

A lot of over-the-counter tooth whitening solutions are available at the local retailer. But, only the dentist can give you a prescription-grade teeth whitening solution that provides consistent, comfortable and long-lasting effects.