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If you are a motivated and eager student (graduate or undergraduate) that wants to work in the area of computational condensed matter physics, then you should certainly consider the Computational Physics Group at UMKC.

We have ongoing projects in materials modeling, property calculation, and method development.


If you are an undergraduate physics major or physics minor and would like to try your hand at research please contact me.

Masters Degree in Physics

The Computational Physics Group is always looking for talented and eager students that want to push their skills beyond the Bachelor’s degree level.

Key Criteria

Domestic students – Strong academic track record.

International students – Strong academic track record.

Interdisciplinary PhD

The Interdisciplinary PhD program at UMKC is a unique opportunity for you to bring otherwise disconnected fields together to produce something new and bleeding edge.

Key Criteria

Domestic students – Strong academic track record.

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University of Missouri – Kansas City
Department of Physics and Astronomy
5110 Rockhill Rd., Flarsheim Hall #257
Kansas City, MO, 64110, USA

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Call: +1-816-235-5945

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