Missouri Teaching Symposium June 20 – 21, 2013

Don’t miss the Missouri Teaching Symposium in Columbia, Missouri, June 20 – 21!  Topics that will be covered include Course Redesign, Integrating Technology into Courses, and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  To RSVP, contact Rhonda Turner (turnerrh@umsystem.edu) by June 12.  There is no cost to attend.  For more information, click on the flyer below.


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MLC UMKC Grants Procedure

2012-2013 MLC UMKC Grants Procedure (PDF)


To expand upon the initial statewide course redesign initiative, the thirteen public 4-year institutions are sponsoring a competition for grants to help fund the redesign of additional courses.  Faculty may, with the review and approval of their campus provosts and chairs, apply for $5000 grants to redesign high-enrollment or high-demand courses.

Instructions for the grant application and a timeline are provided below.  Before developing a proposal, consult with Dr. Cindy Pemberton, Deputy Provost to discuss applicable deadlines and campus resources that will be available to support your course redesign.  Funds for successful proposals will be transferred to the respective campus to be used to support the course redesign.  The specific use of the funds will be determined jointly by the applicant and the provost’s office.



The application requirements will follow the same format as the NCAT course redesign initiative that was launched in 2010, with a few exceptions noted below:

1.  UMKC will require a Readiness Criteria Report as a pre-proposal process (http://www.thencat.org/PlanRes/Readiness.htm).  Only the section under Course Readiness Criteria (1-8) will need to be completed and submitted to the provost’s office.  Based on this information, faculty will be notified if they should continue to prepare Final Project Plans for review at the campus level and then on for state level review.

2.  UMKC will require a pilot phase for each course redesign initiative followed by a full implementation phase.   Data will be required from both traditional sections and redesigned sections.  If there is no historic data available, the pilot phase provides an opportunity to collect comparison data.

It is recommended that applicants download and read the following packet, which contains a thorough summary of the process:




January 15, 2013: Readiness Criteria Report (http://www.thencat.org/PlanRes/Readiness.htm) – Course Readiness Criteria (1-8) is due to Dr. Cindy Pemberton.

February 25, 2013: UMKC Final Project Plans due to Dr. Cindy Pemberton.   See http://www.thencat.org/Workshops/MOSys/MO%20Final%20Project%20Plan%20Format.pdf, noting these exceptions: The UMKC campus due date for both the Course Planning Tool and Final Project Plan is February 25, 2013Submit both documents to Dr. Cindy Pemberton.

March 15, 2013: Final Project Plans due to state level review. See http://www.thencat.org/Workshops/MOSys/MO%20Final%20Project%20Plan%20Format.pdf, noting these exceptions: The due date for both the Course Planning Tool and Final Project Plan is March 15, 2013. Submit both to Dr. Cindy Pemberton instead of NCAT personnel listed in pdf document.

April 1, 2013: Dr. Cindy Pemberton will forward all UMKC Final Project Plans that were approved by Provost Hackett to Jana Moore (moorejan@umsystem.edu).

April 30, 2013: Announcement of grant recipients.

Summer and/or Fall 2013: Courses are redesigned by campus teams. The redesign process for each course will be supported and managed by staff on the respective campus. In addition, a list of MLC Scholars who will be available for consultation will be posted at MissouriLearningCommons.org on or before January 15, 2013.

Spring 2014: First offering of redesigned course (either pilot or full implementation, depending on decision of campus).



The recipients of the grants will be required to collect student outcome data and cost data for submission to a central coordinator.  Recipients will also be required to present at a statewide course sharing workshop, and post course materials on the MissouriLearningCommons.org website for the use of others who are interested in redesigning their courses.


Campus Contact:

Cindy Pemberton, Deputy Provost




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UMKC Course Redesign Blog

Welcome to the Course Redesign Blog at UMKC!

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