Workshops are a great opportunity for UMKC students to learn new coping skills and gain support. 

Workshops at UMKC Counseling Services are free, unlimited and confidential. Workshops are available to UMKC students only. Our agency offers several workshops series each semester. Once a student has completed a workshop, they are welcome to repeat the workshop in order to strengthen and hone their newly developed skills!

How do I participate in a Workshop Series at UMKC Counseling Services?

In order to access group counseling services, students must contact our office at 816-235-1635 to set up a 30-minute initial consultation appointment. Students should indicate their interest in a particular group when scheduling the Initial Consultation appointment. If a student is already utilizing another treatment option at UMKC Counseling Services, the student can be directly referred to one of our groups through the mental health provider with whom they are working.

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