UMKC Counseling Services Groups & Workshops

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Group offerings typically change semester to semester, depending on need and/or interest, so check back often for the latest information.

Empowering Women (offered Summer 2021)

60 minutes per session

This group provides a safe space for individuals who identify as women to come together to share and explore challenges, stressors, and successes in their lives. This supportive space will allow women to receive multiple perspectives, feedback, and empowerment from one another. This group meets once a week.

LGBTQIA+ Support Group (offered Summer 2021)

60 minutes per session

A space for anyone who identifies as LGBTQIA+ where you can feel safe to discuss what’s going on in your life, relevant topics, or anything else you desire with peers and a facilitator from Counseling Services. This is a group for you to receive and give support, learn about other people’s experiences, and be in a safe place for exploration. This group meets once per week.

Acing Academic Anxiety (currently unavailable)

75 minutes per session for 4 sessions

A workshop for those who experience anxiety around exams.  Participants learn to make anxiety work for them – not against them – by becoming familiar with the true role of anxiety, the ways in which our brains trick us, and tips and strategies for becoming comfortable with discomfort.  This workshop meets for four consecutive weeks.

Body Wellness Group (offered Fall and Spring semesters)

60 minutes per session

In this treatment group, members explore their relationship with body image, food, and weight and how that relationship shapes their lives. This group is a safe space in which to explore these concerns. In addition to receiving and giving support, group members begin developing effective coping strategies. The group meets once per week.

Grief & Loss Support Group (offered Summer 2021)

This group provides a supportive and safe space for students to learn about the grieving process, as well as share experience of loss and give and receive emotional support. Members of the group will be limited to those who have experienced a recent loss, or those who have had a significant loss (i.e. parent, sibling) at some point in their life.

Health Sciences Support Group (offered Summer 2021)

This group will allow current Health Sciences students to discuss the challenges they face, ways to deal with the hurdles and hassles of school, find ways to connect with others, and consider ways to manage stress and live a balanced life. Topics will include academics, stress management skills, relationships, career concerns, and more.

Interpersonal Process Group (offered Summer 2021 and Fall & Spring semesters)

90 minutes per session

In this treatment group, clients actively engage in working on treatment goals through interaction with others who share similar goals.  By processing concerns and helping to support others regarding their concerns, students learn valuable skills such as coping, emotion management, effective communication and giving and receiving empathy.  This is a great way for students to gain a better understanding of themselves and others.  This group generally has 6 to 9 members and is facilitated by two mental health professionals.  The group meets once per week.

DBT Skills group (offered Summer 2021)

90 minutes per session

DBT Skills is a 6-week group focused on learning, practicing and processing skills to help students effectively manage emotions and daily experiences. Skills taught include mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. This group meets once per week beginning Thursday, June 6th, and meets from 3:00 to 4:30 pm.

Men’s Engagement (offered Summer 2021)

60 minutes per session

A space for students who identify as men to come together and discuss concerns, explore and manage their mental health, and reflect on their relationships with others. The group will allow for exploration of societal and family impacts on what it means to be a man. A relaxed and supportive environment will allow group members to provide and receive feedback and discuss relevant topics, challenges, and successes. This group meets once a week.

True Selves (offered Summer 2021)

A supportive space to talk with other students about issues related to gender identity. This group provides members a forum to discuss topics related to their interests or areas of need, including exploring identities, relationships, dealing with cisgenderism, family and society, and more.

Dissertation /Thesis Support (offered Summer 2021)

A support group for students who are currently working on their thesis or dissertation. This offers a supportive space to discuss challenges and successes, as well as tips and ideas, from others who are facing the same frustrations, isolation, struggles, and successes that come with writing a dissertation or thesis.

Whole Body Healing: Yoga for Trauma Healing (currently unavailable)

60 to 90 minutes per session

Led by one of our staff psychologists who is also a RYT 200 yoga and meditation instructor, this yoga practice is for those in recovery from any kind of trauma. Whole Body Healing can help participants to notice sensation, take effective action and assert autonomy through gentle yoga movements. Whether it is a recent trauma or something long standing, this experience will help reestablish connection between mind and body in an evidence-based treatment. This practice is suitable for the first-timer as well as the experienced yogi. This group meets once per week.

The yoga practice is one hour, followed by an optional 15-minute here-and-now processing period. An Initial Consultation appointment at UMKC Counseling Services is not required in order to participate. Please contact Dr. Carolyn Pepper at 816-235-5185 or at if you are interested or for more information. Click here for more information about trauma-sensitive yoga.

Building Mindfulness (currently unavailable)

45 to 50 minutes per session

Workshop participants learn skills for managing stress, thinking more clearly, and being more present in daily life. Participants also learn about the science that makes mindfulness work! An Initial Consultation appointment at UMKC Counseling Services is not required in order to participate in this workshop.

Mind over Mood (offered Summer 2021, and Fall & Spring semesters)

50 minutes per session for 3 sessions

This three session series focuses on creating flexibility to deal with whatever brings participants into counseling. Students build skills that include mindfulness, acceptance and understanding how to get “un-stuck.” Workshop attendees learn how to focus on what really matters to them. Personal sharing is not required to participate in this workshop series. Workshop participants receive a workbook filled with in-session exercises as well as stress management information, coping skills, and mindfulness strategies. This workshop meets for three consecutive weeks.

Now available online!