The Assess for Success program helps students with academic performance and personal growth by providing cost-effective psychodiagnostic assessment services targeted to individual needs.

**Assessment services are SUSPENDED at Counseling Services until further notice. Posted 4/26/22.**

The program is designed for individuals who may be experiencing difficulty due to learning disabilities, attention and focus issues or personality/mood concerns. Assessment services may also benefit students who are interested in exploring that career options and vocational interests.

With a wide range of assessment tools (determined on a case-by-case basis), the goal of Assess for Success is to provide an assessment process that is individualized and comprehensive. The objective is to provide an assessment that helps each client grow their self-understanding in a way that contributes to positive outcomes in and out of the classroom.

Psychodiagnostic assessment is a tool psychologists use to quickly determine the needs of a client. It can be done in conjunction with therapy, at any point in treatment or independently. Often it results in tangible suggestions or recommendations that the client can incorporate into their life to make positive change.

Assess for Success Process

The Assess for Success program’s assessment process begins with an hour-long consultation appointment in which you meet with a member of the Assess for Success team to describe your difficulties and share about your interest in assessment. If it is determined that a psychodiagnostic assessment is right for you and that we are the right fit for your needs, you will be scheduled for your testing sessions. Most clients complete their testing in two – four sessions (4 – 8 hours), though this is highly dependent on the needs of the client. You then return to our office in two – three weeks for your feedback session. In your feedback session, you meet with your clinician to review your psychodiagnostic assessment report in detail, with emphasis on any diagnoses, relevant findings and recommendations.

**Assessment services suspended until further notice.** If you are interested in learning more about Assess for Success, or if you are ready to make an appointment, you may contact Counseling Services at 816-235-1635. All psychodiagnostic assessment appointments require a brief phone conversation with the Assessment Coordinator prior to scheduling.


There is no fee for the initial appointment. After the initial assessment, costs for assessment services are competitive and depend upon the needs and requests of the client. Fees range from $100-$450, depending on the type and complexity of the assessment provided. Information on payment details and payment options is available upon request.