Abuse of drugs and alcohol is a significant health problem that negatively impacts overall well-being, potentially jeopardizing campus safety and security, inhibiting the personal and professional development of students and adversely affecting educational opportunities.

UMKC is committed to providing an environment that is safe, healthy and conducive to the academic achievement of all.

Students of the university are considered adults and citizens of the campus and surrounding community. As such, students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and responsible manner. As responsible adults and campus citizens, students at UMKC are subject to the policies set forth by the university and the legal statutes set forth by local, state and federal agencies.

UMKC Counseling Services is prepared to address various concerns around the use and abuse of alcohol and other substances. Concerns may include concerns about personal use or the use of a relative, close friend or roommate. Specially trained staff are available to provide evaluations, support, education and early intervention and recovery-related services.

Confidential Evaluations

Individuals who have concerns regarding their own use of alcohol or other substances are encouraged to contact UMKC Counseling Services for assistance. Our office provides individual, confidential appointments. We also offer screenings and evaluations geared toward helping individuals assess their own behaviors, identify areas of concern, receive confidential feedback and recommendations and locate community support services when needed.

Do you have questions about your relationship with substances? One of the online self-assessments below may be a great place to start.

eCHUG (Alcohol Self-Assessment)

eTOKE (Cannabis Self-Assessment)

Disciplinary Process

UMKC Counseling Services is also able to assist students with sanctions related to alcohol and other substance use.

Contact Dr. Arnold Abels at 816-235-1218 or abelsa@umkc.edu to learn more about our alcohol and other drug prevention services.