The MindBody Connection provides space for students to learn how to relieve stress and learn more about mindfulness. Featuring massage chairs, art supplies, and a quiet space, the MindBody Connection is a great place for students to unwind and get back in touch with their minds and bodies.


The MindBody Connection is a collaboration of UMKC Counseling Services and Student Health and Wellness. The mission of the MindBody Connection is to provide a space where students can learn skills to manage academic and personal stressors. The MindBody Connection also enhances student development and academic success by helping students:

  • Identify and capitalize on their personal strengths
  • Learn and implement new skills
  • Access relevant campus and community resources


Room 303G & 303H in the Student Union
5100 Cherry St.
Kansas City, MO 64110

Hours of Operation Varies-

Monday          11am – 2pm; 4pm-5pm
Tuesday         10am-2pm; 3:30pm-5pm
Wednesday    11am-5pm
Thursday        11:30am-12:30pm; 3:45pm-5pm
Friday             11am-2pm

Hours are subject to change without notice


For questions about the MindBody Connection, please call Counseling Services at 816-235-1635.