The MindBody Connection provides space for students to learn how to relieve stress and learn more about mindfulness. Featuring massage chairs, aromatherapy and Wii games for physical activity, the MindBody Connection is a great place for students to unwind and get back in touch with their minds and bodies.


The MindBody Connection is a collaboration of UMKC Counseling Services and Student Health and Wellness. The mission of the MindBody Connection is to provide a space where students can learn skills to manage academic and personal stressors. The MindBody Connection also enhances student development and academic success by helping students:

  • Identify and capitalize on their personal strengths
  • Learn and implement new skills
  • Access relevant campus and community resources


Room 413 in the Student Union
5100 Cherry St.
Kansas City, MO 64110

Hours of Operation

Mon 8am-5pm

Tue 12pm-5pm

Wed 11am – 5pm

Thur 12pm-5pm

Fri 10am-1pm; 2pm-5pm

For questions about the MindBody Connection, please call Counseling Services at 816-235-1635.