We appreciate that each intern comes to our program with unique skills and opportunities for growth, and we value reciprocal learning and the importance of constructive input in professional development. Our staff are energized by our training program and the relationships we develop with our trainees.

Thank you for considering the University of Missouri-Kansas City Counseling Services site for your doctoral internship. UMKC Counseling Services offers a 2000 hour, 1 year, full time training experience. We hope the information contained in our website can help you learn more about the training opportunities available at our site.

Training Program

Our program’s philosophy of training is a Developmental Apprentice Practitioner Model, and our primary aim is to prepare competent and ethical entry-level psychologists that are committed to life-long learning and the pursuit of multicultural competence. Our training is based on the nine profession-wide competencies, and interns will have the opportunities, didactic training and in-depth supervision that will strengthen your skills and expertise. The foundation of the training program includes a group of dedicated and skilled staff that are invested in supervision and the training of the next generation of psychologists. Supervisors engage in active mentorship and assist in the socialization into the profession.

UMKC Values

Staff at UMKC Counseling Services affirm and value the unique diversity and intersecting identities of all students, staff, faculty and members of our community. As an office within the Division of Student Affairs, we strive to create a welcoming, safe, inclusive and affirming place for everyone that visits our office. Our staff fully align with UMKC’s Statement of Values (PDF).


Teresa Huff-Pomstra, PhD
Training Director