Mediation involves a neutral mediator who seeks to improve the parties’ relationship through assisting them in understanding one another, introducing possible solutions to the problem, and making suggestions for improved communication.

  • Most appropriate when the parties have been unable to address a significant conflict through direct communication and are unlikely to reach a solution without support

There are four main steps in the mediation process:

  • Step 1: Mediator schedules private meetings with each party individually; guidelines for mediation will be presented and parties will sign an Agreement to Mediate
  • Step 2: Mediator assesses appropriateness of mediation as a conflict resolution technique, and if appropriate, schedules a joint meeting with all parties
  • Step 3: Meeting is held to allow parties to share their views with one another without interruption, followed by an interactive mediator-guided discussion to determine a resolution, if possible
  • Step 4: If a resolution is reached between the parties, each party will review and sign a binding resolution agreement, which will outline terms of the resolution and expectations of the parties moving forward.