About CMP

Conflict management is a strategy utilized by the University to address many forms of conflict, from what might be a simple misunderstanding to a more formalized grievance or complaint. All members of our campus community are served by UMKC’s Conflict Management Program (CMP), offered through the Office of Affirmative Action.

This centralized service provides a trained, neutral facilitator/mediator equipped to assist students, faculty, staff, and administrators facing conflict with others at the University. There are a number of options for managing such conflict through CMP, including Conflict Coaching, Facilitated Conversation, Mediation, and Team Renewal. These options aim to provide a safe setting to aid parties in achieving, at a minimum, clear, candid, and respectful communication.

CMP may be utilized:

  • By individuals seeking to gain a better understanding of how to personally manage conflict in the workplace or in educational settings
  • In addressing ongoing conflicts between students or students and faculty/staff or to address workplace conflict between colleagues
  • In attempting to informally resolve concerns/complaints under the Student Conduct policies (link)
  • In attempting to informally resolve grievances filed under the Standards of Faculty Conduct (link)
  • In attempting to resolve reports/complaints under the Equal Employment/Educational Opportunity policies (link)

CMP facilitators/meditators are fully equipped to navigate difficult conversations and highly charged emotions while remaining productive and focused on the ultimate goal of a viable solution to the conflict presented. Further, solutions to dilemmas are often more sustainable if reached through a voluntary and participatory process such as those offered through CMP. Even if no agreement can be reached, the process can be beneficial in providing all parties with a clearer understanding of each other and the issues going forward.

Please note: CMP participation must be voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time, and all interactions with CMP will be kept confidential to the extent possible.