About Communiversity

Welcome to Communiversity!

Communiversity is an adult education program sponsored by UMKC’s Office of Student Involvement. All of our classes are taught by volunteer teachers.

Class topics range from cooking classes to financial planning seminars, from belly dancing to wholistic health. Approximately 8,000 people take Communiversity classes each year. Communiversity, established in 1970, provides lifelong learning to the Kansas City metro area and provides an open forum in which to learn, teach, and discuss a wide-ranging array of topics.

Since 1970, each issue of the Communiversity catalog has introduced people to a world of classes, seminars, events, services and articles unique to Kansas City. There is not another metropolitan area with an all-volunteer program in the entire country that offers our range of classes at our nominal price.

Register for classes online or call us at (816) 235-1407.

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*Communiversity affirms, within our torn social fabric and its fragmented image of what is human, a striving toward the whole person, toward unity of emotion and intellect where the individual becomes both teacher and learner.

*People with a desire to volunteer and share their skills and ideas with others should have access to the larger community through Communiversity.

*Our classes should be low cost and available to the Kansas City community at large.

*Our classes and workshops are available to UMKC students free of charge and encourage students to be involved with issues and activities that complement their academic studies and enhance their experience at UMKC.

*Imagination and learning can be realized in individuals and communities.

*Any reasonable person can teach any course which does not break any laws or put people in harm’s way.