Kids’ Classes

The Academy will have the below classes available for a 16-week fall semester, except our family music class, which will be a 10 week semester. Classes will begin the week of August 20, and meet weekly for 45-minute sessions. Please click on the title of each class to see scheduled meeting times, instructor information, and to sign up!

Family Music (ages 0-5) Join your little one in music and movement while bonding together over songs that have been passed down through generations. Activities include tuneful singing, movement and expression, simple instrument play, circle games, aural development, and more. Our activities bring together music and movement while developing a child’s musical abilities and holistic growth. Offered in 10-week sessions.

Group Violin (ages 6-10) is designed to experience the violin as a ‘social’ instrument, developing interpersonal social skills, and enhancing the children’s ability to play in a group setting, while beginning to learn the essential elements of violin technique. Materials: Violin + Essential Elements, Book 1

Group Violin also has a level 2 version available for those who took Group Violin Level 1 or have 3-6 months experience.

 Group Guitar is for Middle School age students. This will be a fun and informative class that is open for all students age 10-13 yrs. We will learn guitar skills for pop music accompaniment styles. Each student will need to bring their own acoustic guitar to class. Materials: students must bring their own guitar to class. Worksheets will be provided.

Group Piano Classes emphasizes age-appropriate piano instruction with general musicianship activities to promote overall musical development. Skills taught include listening, singing, rhythm, large and small motor movements, keyboard technique and performance, and music appreciation. Students will play the piano individually and in groups. Parental participation and having a piano or keyboard at home is recommended. All classes below are designed for beginner students. If your child has 3-12 months experience, please contact the Academy office to have them placed in a more advance class.

Pre-Piano, ages 3-4 (no experience needed)

Piano-Readiness I, ages 5-6 (no experience needed)

Piano-Readiness II, ages 7-8 (no experience needed)

Group Piano I, ages 9-12 (no experience needed)


Ready, Set, Play! Is for students aged 7-9 will learn beginning piano skills in a fun and social group environment!  Activities include music games, improvisation, ensemble pieces, solo pieces, composition, and music theory.  To progress smoothly as a group, students will be expected to practice at least 10 minutes per day, five days per week at home.  For home practice, students may use an acoustic piano or electric keyboard with piano sized-keys.  Keyboards should have at least 61 keys (a full sized instrument contains 88). Join this fun class and get ready and set to play! Required materials: Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Group Piano Course, book 1, a three ring binder and a pencil.