Traveling to and Staying in Kansas City

Those wishing to stay close to camp events may want to register for on-campus housing. This $250 fee (double occupancy) includes four nights in a UMKC dormitory room. Rooms in UMKC residence halls are set up suite-style, with two rooms to a connected bathroom. Participants will be housed in either the Oak Street or the Johnson Residence Halls.

(Not available in 2021) 2020 Housing:
Check in: June 21, 2020
Check out: June 25, 2020

There are two optional meal plans available to participants.

  • Lunch-only:  $60
    Recommended for those commuting to campus. Lunch vouchers will be applicable to all lunch provided during the camp. Meals will occur on the UMKC campus. Breakfast and dinner are not included in this option.
  • (Not available in 2021) Full day:  $150
    Recommended for those staying in the dorms. Meals will occur on the UMKC campus. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided in this option.

Students with special dietary restrictions should note this in their registration. Students must stay with the group, as students are not allowed to leave the campus without a chaperone. Students are welcome to bring snacks and water bottles. There are also vending machines and water fountains available in campus buildings. For those staying in dorms, each room contains a mini-fridge should students need to store food in them. On the first day of the program, chaperones will escort students who are staying in the dorms to the nearby Whole Foods to buy any groceries they would like to keep in the dorm during their stay.

Students who will be providing their own meals: Students wishing to bring their own lunch and eat in the lobby will be provided a chaperone.

All participants will eat with a chaperoned group. Participants may not leave the group to eat elsewhere, unless a parent/guardian has put in a special request to pick-up their child. No food is allowed during rehearsals or concert events.

Important Peanut Allergy Note: Please refrain from bringing peanuts or items with peanuts to the camp. We appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

Parking on the UMKC campus is limited. If you will be driving to campus each day or keeping a car on campus during the workshop, we recommend purchasing a UMKC parking permit. Parking permits are available for $25 and will allow the participant to park in designated UMKC student parking lots. Permits must be purchased by June 7, 2021.

All UMKC buildings are equipped with wireless internet. We will provide all participants with a guest username and password which will allow access to unsecured campus internet at no cost. UMKC Residence Halls are equipped with special secure Internet access that requires a unique username and password. This access is optional and can be purchased at a weekly rate of $35.

The nearest airport to UMKC is Kansas City International Airport (MCI). This airport is located approximately 25 miles from UMKC, and there are a number of shuttles and taxi services available to transport travelers to campus for a fee. UMKC does not arrange transportation to or from the airport; we recommend visiting to plan your trip to campus.