All students will be asked to submit a virtual audition prior to camp. This will be a low-stress, informal audition, and will help determine each participant’s placement in ensembles and theory classes (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) during the week. After registration closes on June 5, all participants will be emailed our welcome packet, which will include instructions for submitting your audition. 

Students should plan to submit a video of themselves performing a jazz piece of their choice that they feel will showcase their abilities. If your child is new to jazz, they may play a non-jazz styled piece to help us access their playing level. Students will also be asked to complete a short online theory quiz. Students may be asked to match key signatures to their corresponding scales, and identify the notes in a chord, based on its name (ie: CMAJ, C7, Cdim, etc).  Audition results will be posted on Monday morning before the start of classes.