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UMKC Score Study, Interpretation, and Orchestral Conducting Symposium

Join us at the UMKC Conservatory for an intense program designed for musicians who seek to improve their relationship with score study and interpretation, rehearsal planning and technique, how to speak more clearly and confidently in rehearsal, leadership skills, and physical gesture. All interested musicians are welcome to apply regardless of instrument, voice type, or specific professional focus.


UMKC Score Study, Interpretation, and Orchestral Conducting Symposium works to debunk some of the most pervasive myths that surround the craft of conducting— distractions that have gradually left the art of conducting bereft of its true force and beauty. Well talk about what it is that a conductor actually does and does not do, and well look at the fundamentals of our craft with a heretical eye.

We will begin each day with study and we will study together. We’ll talk about why we study, what we study, and for once… how… specifically… we make artistic decisions based on that study — i.e. the art of interpretation. 


Next, well look at how to use what we learned from that study to help us structure and lead efficient rehearsals that help empower the musicians to be the most compelling artists that they can be. We’ll redefine what we think a rehearsal is, we’ll re-define the idea of the ‘mistake’, and we’ll talk about fundamental skills that every conductor needs to practice to stay in shape and do our jobs well.

Then… were going to turn the whole physical part of conducting on its head through fundamental techniques like the use of space, understanding the true power unlocked through musical subdivision, getting there early, and harnessing the incredible power of trust.

This summer, we also plan to have Grammy winning vocalist Estelí Gomez with us as a guest artist, singer, and teacher. She is a longtime member of Roomful of Teeth, and Assistant Professor of voice at Lawrence University. She is also a proud member of Beyond Artists, a coalition of artists who donate a percentage of their concert fees to organizations they care about. This astounding musician will help us tear into how we work with a soloist, how we move and breath with a vocalist, how we listen to them, and together we will learn more about the awe inspiring burden and joy of text! 

If you are a music educator, this is for you. If you are a professional conductor this is for you. If you are a composer who is interested in how to use fundamental tools of expression in your music with more impact, this is for you. If you are a performing instrumentalist or singer who wants to be able to study, understand, and perform with a more compelling and lasting impact on the audience, this is for you.

Let’s actually make decisions together, and then let’s rehearse, move, shape, inspire each other, laugh, and renew our respect for the art of all that conducting is and can be… together.

Join us!

All programs will follow health guidelines mandated by the city, state, and federal government. For more information, please see UMKC’s Coronavirus page: UMKC Coronavirus

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