newEar: 2019 Ensemble in Residence

newEar is a professional chamber music ensemble featuring the music of living composers.

We program a wide range of composers, instrumentations, and styles— from a traditional piano trio or string quartet, to works for solo instrument and electronics, guzheng and woodwinds, or electric guitar and percussion.

Our concerts often blur the boundaries of classical art music, rock, jazz, world music, and the avant-garde. Other artistic disciplines are often part of newEar performances — you may see dance, visual arts, or theatre in the mix.

We strive to bring Kansas City the most eclectic and cutting-edge creative trends of the 21st century. You will see and hear some of the best musicians in our area interpreting music written within the last 20 years, never before heard in the region or sometimes anywhere in the world.

newEar has been the leading contemporary chamber ensemble in Kansas City for nearly 25 years. We invite you to join us, listen, and experience the music of our time.