Jazz Placements

Jazz Ensemble placements will take place Monday, August 19 and Tuesday, August 20, 2024.

Small and large jazz ensemble placements will take place on Monday, August 19 and Tuesday, August 20 between 9am and 5pm in the James C. Olson Performing Arts Center (4949 Cherry St), Room 125. These placement auditions are open to all UMKC students, but are required for jazz majors.

Placement Requirements: Sign up for a Jazz Ensemble placement time slot here. All students auditioning should prioritize signing up for a time slot on Monday, August 19. If all time slots have been taken, student should then sign up for any vacant spots on Tuesday, August 20. Please print and complete THIS FORM prior to your audition and arrive outside of PAC Room 125 at least five minutes in advance of your scheduled time with your completed form in hand and your instrument assembled. 

Be prepared to play jazz tunes and sight read. Non-improvisors may play an excerpt that demonstrates their musicianship (may be classical) in addition to sight reading. No Phones or Real Books will be allowed, all music must be memorized. 

*UMKC reserves the right to audio and/or video record all placement auditions*


  • Jazz Tunes: Students should be prepared to play the tunes in the “2024-2025 Jazz Placement Tunes” section below. These tunes are NOT recommendations, they are REQUIRED for the placement audition. Students will play with a rhythm section, no backing tracks will be allowed. 
  • Scales: Be prepared to play major and minor scales. Scales will be selected by faculty during the placement audition.
  • Sight-Reading: All students will be asked to sight-read during their placement audition.
  • Rhythm Section: Piano/Guitar/Vibraphone – All students need to be able to comp and solo over chord changes. Drums – All students need to demonstrate time and solo, with sticks and brushes; and demonstrate styles of bossa nova, funk, swing, waltz, and ballads at various tempos. 


Sign up for a Jazz Ensemble placement here


Jazz Ensembles include: UMKC Small Ensembles and the UMKC Jazz Orchestra.

Want more information about UMKC Jazz Studies? Check out our website: https://conservatory.umkc.edu/areas-of-study/jazz-studies.html

Have questions about Jazz Ensemble placements? Contact Carl Allen at carlallen@umkc.edu

2024-2025 Jazz Placement Tunes (REQUIRED)

Anthropology (Charlie Parker)

Blues on The Corner (McCoy Tyner)

Ceora (Lee Morgan)

Windows (Chick Corea)

Body & Soul (Heymman/Green)