Co(mp)llaborations and Dance Collaborations

Like ArtSounds,Co(mp)llaborations is an annual collaboration between the composition students at UMKC and the students of a chosen instrumental studio. Students of all degree levels participate, from freshmen to doctoral candidates. Composers are each paired with a performer, and the students work together to create a new composition that showcases the skills of both. The collaborations culminate in a performance in February in which all the new works are performed. Last fall, composers were paired with students from the cello studio and this spring, students will be paired with clarinet students.  The culmination of the project involves performance after several specific meetings between the composer and instrumentalist.  In some cases, applied faculty provide demonstrations for composers alongside the individual work.

Additionally, each year, UMKC composers also collaborate with UMKC dancers for an annual composer/choreographer collaboration.  The dance collaboration project is an annual concert event that pairs UMKC dancers in their junior level choreography class with UMKC composers from all levels. Each composer and choreographer pair works together from February through May to create a piece that is premiered on the final concert performance at the end of the spring semester. Composers learn valuable skills in writing music for dance and choreographers learn how to create a piece from the ground up. Each gain a better understanding of the collaborative process and the pieces performed are of considerable artistic quality. The entire group of composers and choreographers meet periodically throughout the semester to showcase and masterclass their work with their peers and faculty supervisors in dance and composition. It is a a unique opportunity to experience collaborative art and receive a high quality performance of a new work.