Clarinet Studio Masterclasses

As an integral part of the UMKC Clarinet Studio, many guest artists and distinguished musicians are brought in on a yearly basis to help the studio advance in their pedagogical and musical studies. Interacting with professionals helps young performers to understand how the world of music really works.


Diane Barger and Denise Gainey: Dr. Barger, Professor of clarinet at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, and Denise Gainey, Professor of Clarinet at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, make up the Amicitia duo. These two esteemed professors gave graduate clarinet students a masterclass, detailing tips for auditions, soloing, and more. They also gave a concert of both classical and contemporary pieces composed for a clarinet duet which captivated the audience.



Stephen Williamson: While the Chicago Symphony Orchestra was on tour in the fall of 2015, Stephen Williamson, the principal clarinetist of the CSO, stopped by UMKC to teach a master class. In addition to the UMKC clarinet studio being in attendance, there were also over 30 high school clarinet players who came to the class. Several graduate students had the opportunity to play excerpts for him, to which he offered some valuable help.

Diana Haskell: For our 2015-2016 single reed day, Diana Haskell, the Associate clarinetist/E-flat Clarinetist of the St. Louis symphony orchestra was our guest artist. She performed a lovely recital that many people attended. On the program Dr. Carl, performed a duet and some graduate clarinet students were able to perform the Uhl Divertimento with her. In her master class, several students had the opportunity to perform for her. She gave each performer valuable advice, and also emphasized the importance of recording practice sessions every day.



Raymond Santos: For UMKC’s Single Reed Day for the 2014-2015 school year, we were privileged to have the principal clarinetist of the Kansas City Symphony perform a short recital, and give a master class on orchestral excerpts to the UMKC clarinet studio, local high school clarinet players, and teachers. In his master class, he emphasized the importance of knowing the score along with the part.

Jerome Simas: While the San Francisco Symphony orchestra was on tour in Kansas City, Jerome Simas, the bass/utility clarinetist for the group gave a master class to the clarinet studio. Many clarinet students had the opportunity to play excerpts for him. In addition to his help with the performed excerpts, he also had a lot of audition advice to share with the studio.

Dr. Elizabeth Crawford: In February of 2015, Dr. Crawford, the clarinet professor at Ball State University, taught a master class, and performed a beautiful recital. Several clarinet students played standard repertoire for this master class. After the class was over, Dr. Crawford spoke about her experiences with playing with an orchestra in England. On her recital, she played some beautiful music including the Brahms Sonata no.2 in E flat major, and the Komives Flammes.

Dr. Wesley Ferreira: In March of 2015, the clarinet professor from Colorado State University, Dr. Ferreira traveled to UMKC. Several students played unaccompanied pieces for this master class. He offered a lot of good suggestions to the students who were performing and also had great ideas from a pedagogical standpoint. His recital consisted of diverse repertoire, performing pieces that ranged from the Poulenc Sonata to McAllister’s Bling Bling.