About Us


dr-haOh-Ryeong Ha, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, UMKC
Assistant Research Professor, Department of Pediatrics, KUMC (Affiliated Faculty)
Email: hao@umkc.edu  Phone: 816-235-5865

Dr. Ha received her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, cognitive and developmental sciences option from the University of Louisville in 2013, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Kansas Medical Center in 2016. She received her M.S. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Louisville in 2009, and her M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Korea University in 2000.

Currently, Dr. Ha is planning to accept a graduate student for the fall of 2021.  Information about  the Applied Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences (ACBS) Ph.D. program and the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program can be found on the department website.

Dr. Ha is planning to take several undergraduate research assistants in the 2020-2021 academic year. If you are interested in joining our lab, contact Dr. Ha. General requirements: Psychology Major, GPA > 3.0, PSY 210 & 316

Graduate Students 

headshotHaley Killian, M.A.

Haley is a fourth-year doctoral student in the clinical program. She received her BS in Psychology at Washington State University. Her research interests include effects of stress on prosocial decisions as well as psychological effects associated with chronic illness or developmental disability. In her free time, she enjoys running and spending time with family.

Jarrod Sotos

Jarrod is a second-year doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program. He received his BS in Psychology at The Ohio State University. His research interests include how children deal with decisions they know to have negative consequences, as well as how children confront tasks that are perceived to be impossible. In his free time, Jarrod likes to play golf, watch college football, and spend time with friends and family.

Samuel Nelson 

Sam is a first-year doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology Program. He received his BA in Psychology at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. His research interests include trauma and decision-making in children and young adults.  In his free time, he enjoys photography, volleyball and spending time with family and friends. 

Undergraduate Students

Angelique Webb

Angelique is a junior at UMKC pursuing a BA in Psychology. Her main interests include child development, mental illness, and family dynamics. Angelique enjoys gardening and spending time with friends and family.

Emily Maupin

Emily is a junior at UMKC in pursuit of her BA in Psychology. Her interests include the psycho-social impact of lower economic status on family dynamics, trauma, and mental illness. Emily enjoys painting, reading, karaoke, and volunteering.

Alex Keith

Alex is a junior at UMKC pursuing his BA in Psychology. His interests are behavior and music therapy, as well as decision making and self-efficacy. Alex enjoys playing and writing music, spending time with his girlfriend and family, and binge watching The Office.

Esra Sahsuvaroglu

Esra is a sophomore at UMKC pursuing a BA in Psychology. Her research interests include mental illness, childhood emotional neglect, and language acquisition in children. Esra enjoys reading, cycling, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

Lab Alumni

Cynthia Saina (Fall 2019)
Anum Khalid
(Fall 2017 – Spring 2019)
Emily Denney (Spring 2019)
Gretchen Fiebig (Spring 2019)
DeAnna Spicer (Fall 2018) Current Position: Mental Health Counseling M.A. Program, UMKC
Jennifer Littlejohn (Summer 2017 – Spring 2018)
Zarish Cheema (Summer 2017-Fall 2017)
Hetty Bai (Fall 2017)
Jessica Hildreth (Fall 2016 – Spring 2017) Current Position: Clinical Ph.D. program, UMKC