Dr. K. Richard Buszek


Office: 109A Spencer Hall
Phone: (816) 235-2292
Fax: (816) 235-5502

Degrees and Experience

B.S., University of California, Irvine (1987)
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles (1990)
Harvard University Postdoctoral Fellow Chemistry (1990 – 1993)
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Kansas State University (1993-2003)
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, UMKC (2003-2007)
Professor, Department of Chemistry, UMKC (2007 – present)

Research Interests

Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Drug Design, Natural Product Synthesis

Selected Publications

N. Chandrasoma, S. Pathmanathan, K.R. Buszek, “A practical, multi-gram synthesis of (±)-herbindole A, (±)-herbindole B, and (±)-herbindole C from a common intermediate via 6,7-indole aryne cycloaddition and Pd(0)-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions” Tetrahedron Letters, 2015, 56, 3507-3510.

J-P. H. Perchellet, E.M. Perchellet, C.R. Singh, M.T. Monnett, E.R. Studer, P.D. Thornton, N. Brown, B. Hill, B. Neuenswander, G.H. Lushington, C. Santini, K.R. Buszek, “Mechanisms by which Synthetic 6,7-Annulated-4-substituted Indole Compounds with Anti-proliferative Activity Disrupt Mitosis and Block Cytokinesis in Human HL-60 Tumor Cells In VitroAnticancer Research, 2014, 34, 1643-1655.

A. Nerurkar, N. Chandrasoma, L. Maina, A. Brassfield, D. Luo, N. Brown, K.R. Buszek, “Further Investigations into the Regioselectivity of 6,7-Indole Aryne Cyclo­additions with 2-Substituted Furans: Remarkable Contrasteric Preference Depends­ on Pyrrole and Benzene Ring Substitution” Synthesis, 2013, 45, 1843-1852.

J-P. H. Perchellet, A.M. Waters, E.M. Perchellet, P.D. Thornton, N. Brown, D. Hill, B. Neuenswander, G.H. Lushington, C. Santini, N. Chandrasoma, K.R. Buszek, “Antitumor Effects of Synthetic 6,7-Annulated-4-substituted Indole Compounds in L1210 Leukemic Cells In Vitro” Anticancer Research, 2012, 32, 4671-4684.

K.R. Buszek, N. Brown, D. Luo, “Concise Total Synthesis of (+/-)-cis-Trikentrin A and (+/-)-Herbindole A via Intermolecular Indole Aryne Cycloaddition” Organic Letters, 2009, 11, 201-204.