Financial Support

Most of our first-year students are supported on Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA). As a GTA, you will have various responsibilities for undergraduate students in general, organic or analytical chemistry including (but not limited to) teaching laboratory sessions, grading assignments, and tutoring in exchange for tuition wavier and a nominal stipend. To be considered for financial support (GTA), please submit your application no later than February 15. Applications for admission are considered until all positions are filled. For more information please visit the UMKC Admissions website.

Graduate students beyond their first year of study, students may be supported on research assistantships made available by faculty who have financial support through grants or contracts to perform research. These can be awarded for students beyond their second year and allows the student to focus solely on research with no teaching responsibilities in the classroom or laboratory.

There are other fellowship opportunities for graduate students available at UMKC and from other institutions. We often encourage our graduate students to apply for fellowships as part of the overall graduate experience. Though the list below is not comprehensive, it does give some representative examples of fellowships that graduate students may consider applying for:

NSF Graduate Fellowships

Ford Foundation Fellowship Program

DOE Office of Science Graduate Fellowship (SCGF) Program

Linda Hall Library Fellowships

The Women in Defense HORIZONS Scholarship

The American Chemical Society provides a list of grant and fellowship opportunities that graduate students may find helpful.