Dr. Chen publishes a book on nanomaterials

Assistant Professor Xiaobo Chen recently published a book on titanium dioxide nanomaterials entitled: Black TiO2 Nanomaterials for Energy Applications.  The book features chapters on the importance of black TiO2 and its applications in various clean energy applications.  See his highlight in UMatters. For more information about the Dr. Chen’s research, please visit his faculty profile.

Dr. Clayborne presents at KPCS

Dr. Clayborne presented his research on electrochemical oxidation of formic acid at the Kansas Physical Chemistry Symposia (KPCS) at Wichita State University on February 4. The KPCS brings together physical chemists from various colleges and universities across the state of Kansas. The symposia includes oral and poster presentations from students and faculty.

Curators’ Distinguished Professor Dias in the news

In August Curators’ Professor Jerry Dias’ research was highlighted again when discussing the periodic system.  The story, highlighted on True Viral News, mentions the important work of classifying benzenoid aromatic hydrocarbons.  The article was originally published in Scientific American. To find out more about Professor Dias’ research, please view his faculty profile.