Instructor: Thomas Vansaghi, Ph.D., , Senior Fellow of the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership, UMKC adjunct instructor, and assistant professor of nonprofit leadership at William Jewell College

Continue your exploration into the dynamic realm of fundraising with Fundraising Fundamentals Part 2.

The pre-recorded session will unlock the keys to purpose-driven fundraising, help you navigate the fundraising cycle, and delve into the strategic use of Donor Advised Funds (DAFs). (Video recording – 1 hour 18 minutes)

The next live virtual session has not been scheduled yet, it will explore the nuances of fundraising leadership, discuss the impact of changing constituent demographics, and underscore the importance of stewardship and donor recognition.
(Live session – 2 hours)

Note: this session was previous named Organizing for Fundraising.

What You Will Learn

  • Purpose Driven Fundraising
  • The Fundraising Cycle
  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Leadership and Fundraising
  • Constituency: Changing Demographics and Fundraising
  • Stewardship and Donor Recognition

Program Details

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No refunds will be made after receiving access to the pre-recorded lecture.

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By attending the event, you are giving MCNL permission to use photos and videos from the workshop in future promotional materials.

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