Instructor: Thomas Vansaghi, Ph.D., Senior Fellow of the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership, UMKC adjunct instructor, and assistant professor of nonprofit leadership at William Jewell College

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The Fundraising Leadership Series provides development professionals with essential leadership skills to be a strategic leader in their organization. The unique design of this certificate series, co-created with nonprofit leaders, recognizes the central role of development in a nonprofit’s culture, strategy, and communications. Participants will engage with other development professionals in an interactive program that builds their capacity as organizational leaders and changemakers.

Upon completion, development professionals will have applied experience in their organization’s context with critical leadership tools. Additionally, they will exhibit the capacity to better lead strategic development operations in nonprofit organizations.



Program Details

Module 1 – Building a Culture of Philanthropy
Often development responsibility falls on a small segment of people siloed from the organization’s operations. Building a culture of philanthropy assists and supports participants to lead and manage development activity to and for all within the organization.

Module 2 – Designing the Long Game
A hallmark of a nonprofit’s success lies in its ability to design an inclusive strategic planning process. This is equally true for a successful development operation. Designing the long game equips participants with the tools to develop, articulate and assess a strategic plan for the fund development operation that works within the organizations larger strategic plan.

Module 3 – Building a Sustainable Development Model
Making strategic development choices demands understanding the financial situation of the organization. In building a sustainable development model, participants will be given the tools to consume financial information and build development strategies that pave the way to organizational sustainability.

Module 4 – Developing & Strengthening Talent
Developing & strengthening talent provides participants with tools to assess talent, build a culture that maximizes talent, and cultivate leadership within the development function of your organization.

Module 5 – Strategic Communications
When we say development, how many people think of the ask? Well, the ask is the part of the iceberg above water that you see, building audience accounts for the 90% of the iceberg that goes unseen. In strategic communications, participants will be equipped with the tools essential for building a bigger, better audience.

Program Logistics:
Each module is delivered from 8 am to 12 pm. Built with the busy nonprofit leader in mind, participants will be able to participate virtually or in-person with the Bloch School’s RooFlex technology. Virtual participants are able to have an immersive experience, engaging seamlessly with participants and faculty in the classroom. The sessions will be held at the UMKC Bloch Executive Hall, 5108 Cherry Street, Kansas City, Missouri.

Cancellation and Transfer Policy:
Full refunds will be given when cancellations are made at least five working days before the first session. A $50 cancellation fee will be deducted from refunds when notification occurs fewer than five working days before class begins. No refunds will be made after the first session has begun. You may transfer your registration by contacting MCNL at (816) 235-5720 or

Photo and Video Release:
By attending the event, you are giving MCNL permission to use photos and videos from the workshop in future promotional materials.