Time to fill out the salary survey!

We are beginning data collection for the 2022 Salary Survey Report for Greater Kansas City Regional Nonprofit Organizations & Associations.

The salary and benefits survey reports are prepared on a biennial basis and are released on alternating years. The Salary Survey Report focuses on salaries, wages and compensation practices and the Benefits Survey Report focuses on employment benefits, such as paid time off and insurance, provided by nonprofit organizations and associations in the Kansas City region.

These reports can help your organization:

  • Establish compensation and benefits practices that are competitive in the regional nonprofit sector.
  • Benchmark your compensation and benefits to ensure your practices are fair and appropriate.
  • Defend your compensation and benefits practices using a legitimate, research-based survey.

These reports were researched and written by Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership with support from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in conjunction with our collaborating partners:

  • Kansas City Society of Association Executives
  • The Greater Kansas City Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals
  • Nonprofit Connect
  • Support KC



Please familiarize yourself with these instructions before filling out the survey. Consider printing your responses from each page for your own future reference.

Use data from your most recent 2022 pay period.

Only report salary information for employees in the Kansas City region (the map indicates the 19 counties included in the survey area). If you have more than one location, consolidate all employees.

Focus on the job descriptions. Do not merely match job titles. It is the content of the job that determines a good match. Also note jobs with several levels. Please read all job descriptions before determining a match.

Do not try to force match every employee.
It is not necessary that you report all your employees, nor is it necessary that you report for every job in the survey.

If your agency has salary ranges for a given job, please report established limits of pay for that job. Minimum – The lowest rate that can be paid to an entry-level employee who is qualified to perform the minimum requirements of the job. Maximum – The highest rate an employee can obtain in the job. If your agency does not have salary ranges for particular positions, just complete the Average Salary column and leave the Salary Range columns blank. In the Salary and Wages Section exclude the following: Shift differentials, Lead worker premiums, Temporary/seasonal employees. In the Salary and Wages Section please include: Established rate range (even if the position is vacant).

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If you have questions or need assistance, contact Monica Rezac, Ph.D., Research Coordinator at rezacm@umkc.edu.

Understanding of Confidentiality
Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter of this survey, this questionnaire may be completed with the assurance that every effort will be made to ensure complete confidentiality.

All survey responses will be received, processed, compiled, and analyzed only by professional staff at the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at UMKC and graduate research assistants working directly under their supervision. Agency identity and salary/benefit information will remain confidential and will not be released by the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership to any other agency or institution for any reason. The resulting survey report will be used solely to assist in guiding the effective management of salary/benefit programs in the nonprofit sector of Kansas City. It will not be used for any other purpose by any of the sponsoring organizations.

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