Work alongside Bloch Executive Education and our business experts to customize a program that meets your organization’s needs.  Our program design process allows us to understand your needs and allows you the flexibility to determine the topics, timing, duration and location that will work for your team.

Custom Program Details

Each custom program that Bloch Executive Education creates in partnership with organizations across the Kansas City region is unique and features the content, delivery methods and support required to meet your learning objectives while also achieving high participant satisfaction and engagement.

Bloch Executive Education will work with you to create a program that will work with your budget. Pricing for custom programs is based on the number of participants, the scope of the program and the features included.

Program features include:

  • In-person and virtual instruction
  • Coaching and assessment
  • Online learning-module production
  • Learning-project facilitation
  • Case study, reference and workbook materials
  • Onsite program management

Bloch Executive Education programs can be delivered at UMKC or we can come to you, whether you’re in the Kansas City region or beyond.

Fully Customized Learning and Development Programs

Here are a few of the programs we’ve designed. Contact us to see how we can tailor a program to your needs.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

“Finance for Non-Financial Managers” workshop is designed to help anyone understand the entire business process from transactions to financial statements and much more.

This intensive and fun workshop was created to help people position themselves to understand the numbers, how they work, and how to analyze financial statements, and the importance of asset management.

During the workshop, the attendees will gain a strong understanding of finance and accounting. They will learn how to use financial information to understand how to evaluate business performance for their own business unit, division, and their customers.

We customize the course to use your organization’s actual current annual financial statements for real life examples.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to read annual reports and related financial documentation to assess the true financial health of the company
  • Learn and understand the importance of proper asset management
  • Understand cash flow and working capital
  • Learn the proper control of the key working capital accounts
  • Understand how companies measure their business performance
  • Understand the difference between accrual and cash accounting
  • Understand the significance of consistency, conservatism, and materiality in financial reporting
  • Understand how business transactions affect financial statements
  • Look at areas of growth and stability as well as questionable and poor performing areas within a company
  • Understand the key financial ratios
  • Gain the ability to initiate and sustain a high-level financial business discussion
  • Create business propositions based on solid financial returns

Financial Services | Executive Development Program

Timeframe: two days per month over six months

Bloch Executive Education partners with a regional banking corporation to deliver a leadership program designed for high-potential associates. This focuses on strategic thinking, innovation and leadership skills in order to build the future of the organization.

Program features:

  • Classroom-based learning at UMKC
  • Team-based project work
  • Online learning and resources

Health Care | Physician Leadership Program

Timeframe: One Saturday per month over 10 consecutive months

Bloch Executive Education works with a regional hospital network to provide a physician leadership development program focused on collaboration, strategic thinking and navigating change in the health care industry.

Program features:

  • Classroom-based learning at UMKC
  • Team-based project work
  • Online learning and resources

Professional Services | Leadership Development Program

Timeframe: Four days per month for four consecutive months

Bloch Executive Education partners with a tax-preparation client to deliver a program focused on developing strategic thinking, business acumen and leadership skills.

Program features:

  • Onsite learning
  • Individual leadership coaching
  • Assessment and career planning

Federal Agency | Leadership Development Program

Timeframe: Flexible

Bloch Executive Education designed a program that allows participants within this federal agency the flexibility to select classroom-based coursework to best support their individual development goals through consultation with an executive coach.

Program features:

  • Classroom-based learning at UMKC
  • Individual leadership coaching
  • Assessment

Contact us today to begin planning the program that will grow your organization.