Jason Carter-Solomon (MSERE ’13): Finding a Passion

From health care to finance, civic service to cultural engagement and more, Kansas City’s businesses and nonprofits are flourishing with trailblazers who have been able to make their mark, thanks to their Bloch education.

The 2017 Bloch Magazine highlights how a few Bloch grads, who came to UMKC from different walks of life, took advantage of Bloch’s diverse opportunities and have since been putting their skills to the test to make an impact across the Kansas City metro area.

Jason Carter-Solomon stumbled into his passion, and is now in full stride, using it to make an impact.

Carter-Solomon has been a banker for five years, and focuses specifically on originating commercial loans for real estate developers and investors. Intending to gear his banking career toward commercial development, he built at network at the Bloch School that showed him a new side of the industry.

“I fell into commercial banking unintentionally, which is pretty common,” he says. “While receiving my Masters in Entrepreneurial Real Estate, I met and built relationships with a few commercial bankers, which lead to an opportunity to work as an analyst in an underwriting training program.”

And while he enjoyed the analytical side of his industry, Carter-Solomon felt he could do more.

“I learned pretty early on that the most impactful part of what we do as bankers is developing and forging relationships with people,” he says. “I truly love hearing the stories about the entrepreneurial journey.  I love learning about people’s lives and their professional innovations and becoming a trusted partner in helping them meet their objectives.”

Throughout his time at the Bloch School, Carter-Solomon had a few trusted partners of his own.

“When I was looking for programs, the Lewis White Real Estate Center had the most compelling combination of instructors with real-world, applicable experience,” he says. “Walt Clements, the director at the time, was heavily involved in the world of professional commercial real estate education, while also being an experienced real estate developer. I felt learning from someone like Walt, and other professors who were accomplished professionals, would give me the skills to hit the ground running.”

Jason is highlighted in the 2017 Bloch Magazine. To read the full edition, click here.

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