Ross Baird Opens Fall First Wednesdays

Ross Baird, along with his company Village Capital, seeks to level the playing field for any entrepreneur.

Village Capital is one of the most active startup investors in the world, backing nearly 100 companies over the past seven years, and working on 50 communities worldwide, including Kansas City. Baird founded the organization on the notion that no matter who you are, where you’re form or what industry you’re in, if you’ve got a great idea and work hard, you should be able to succeed.

At his First Wednesdays presentation on September 6, Baird focused on two parties: entrepreneurs and investors.

When speaking to aspiring entrepreneurs, Baird shared tips that could help future founders hit the ground running.  When it comes to investors, Baird focused on reducing what he calls the “innovation blind spot”.

“There are blind spots and great ideas nobody is paying attention to,” Baird said. “If we can eliminate those blind spots, we can build a better world.”

And Baird is excited to be doing his part in helping to build a better world – starting right here in Kansas City.

“We’re excited to be working in KC and around the world to make dreams come true.”

The next First Wednesdays presentation will be Wednesday, Oct. 4 at 5 p.m. in Bloch Executive Hall. Click here to learn more about First Wednesdays.

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