Faculty Member Endows Fourth Scholarship

Fred Hays joined the faculty of the Henry W. Bloch School of Management almost 40 years ago.  He has since dedicated his energy, wisdom and time to students in the finance, risk management and study abroad programs.  Beyond that, he has made four generous scholarship endowments to ensure students have the opportunity to study different facets of business and entrepreneurship.

“The first endowment was for the study abroad program,” says Hays, who has led more than 25 groups of students on trips through Europe during his tenure.  This summer he will be taking a group of students to England to study post-Brexit London.

“The next endowment was for undergraduates studying finance and the third was risk management.”  The Hays Endowed Financial Technology Scholarship is his fourth endowed gift.

“Technology and its effects are critical. In the 1970’s we were afraid that computers were going to eliminate jobs, but they created jobs.  Now we are looking at the impact of Blockchain and Bitcoin on banking, insurance and investing.  We have to stay ahead or our curriculum will not be relevant in five years.”

Hays says he has established these scholarships to enhance interest in the field and allow students to understand the possibilities.  As he packs up his office readying for his retirement, he speculates on where he might travel next.

As for what kept Hays at UMKC for almost 40 years? “It’s fun teaching at Bloch.  If it weren’t fun, I wouldn’t have done it.”

Dr. Hays has committed $25,000 to the Bloch School to support the Hays Endowed Financial Technology Scholarship.  For information establishing fellowships or other giving opportunities, please contact Jeffrey Chapman at (816) 235-5554 or chapmanjeff@umkcfoundation.org