5 Questions with Chad Feather

In our 5 Questions series, we will hear from those at the heart of the Bloch School – our faculty, staff, students and friends.

Why did you choose the Bloch School?

Three main things led me to the Bloch School: the faculty, the focus on innovation and the fact that it is an urban institution.  I believe that all three of these things will be extremely helpful moving forward in my career.  The faculty is tremendous in helping in the classroom and out.  The innovation the school provides both with coursework and entrepreneurship is working to become a leader in the industry.  Lastly, the fact that UMKC is an urban institution is beneficial when creating connections with those leaders in the business world.

How did you get involved in Enactus, and what are some of the rewards?

I became involved with Enactus because I wanted the opportunity to utilize entrepreneurial skills to help my community – and it has been more than I could have ever imagined.  Not only am I making an impact on my community, but I am growing professionally and personally.  I have had the opportunity to network more than ever before, my public speaking skills have grown, and I am implementing what I learned in the classroom into real life applications.

What’s your favorite spot in Kansas City?

My favorite non food spot in Kansas City is Arrowhead Stadium.  As a big Chiefs fan, there is no better place on a Sunday afternoon.  My favorite food place is Q39.  In a city of historical BBQ, this one is new, but it is fantastic.

When you’re not studying or in an extracurricular activity, where can you be found?

When not studying, you can normally find me in the Plaza/Westport area doing something.  Whether it is hanging out with friends, seeing a movie, or just grabbing something to eat, there is quite a bit to do there.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

What you say matters far less than what people hear and understand.  This advice is not only true in an everyday sense as listening is different than hearing, but as a marketing and entrepreneurship student, this becomes even more true.  You can’t create something or sell something, if the person you are talking to is only hearing and not listening.


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