Millennial Mindset


Understanding the next generation of managers in the workplace

There is no doubt the millennial generation is changing the shape and feel of the workplace The millennial population is larger than the baby boomers and almost twice the size of Generation X.   A generation who has never known a world without Apple, they work – and define success – differently than the generations before them.

While most people appreciate engaging in meaningful work and receiving feedback and support in the workplace, millennials identify these elements as priorities over compensation and previous generations’ definitions of “success.” As millennials become more and more influential, it’s important to understand their mindset.

Transformational leadership.  Millennials prefer a flatter corporate hierarchy and define leadership as empowering others to succeed.  They seek collaboration throughout the corporate structure and value ideas and input at all levels.

Motivation.  Millennials value transparent communication, real-time collaboration and feedback and the ability to make a difference.  Personal development is critical to their job satisfaction.

“How” is as important as “what.” Millennials seek out inclusive and diverse cultures.  Work-life balance is a priority and they seek employers who share their values.

Communication is key. Millennials would rather receive feedback in real time and many prefer to be recognized for their work monthly.

Different from past generations, millennials are challenging the status quo of today’s workplace simply because they will soon be the majority of workers.  As the world changes, this generation is ready to contribute, lead and make a difference.

This article is included in the 2016 Bloch Magazine. To read the full edition, click here.

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