Finding a Champion: Kimberly Young and Barney Hill

Photo Credit: Dan Videtich Photography

Photo Credit: Dan Videtich Photography

Meeting Kimberly Young has proven to be a life changing experience for Barney Hill (EMBA ’15).

After more than 20 years of service in the U.S. Army, Hill was considering what to do next. As part of his personal development plan, he selected the UMKC EMBA program due to its broad-ranging networking opportunities.

During his application process, Hill met Young, executive director of Executive Education and Executive MBA programs. Little did Hill know, this initial meeting would set him on a path to a new career in information technology with UMB.

“Career counseling is a large part of the EMBA program, so Kimberly and I had several conversations about my talents and where I would like to end up,” Hill says.

This is when Young’s championing for Hill began.

“I make a point to understand our students’ skills and talents, so I am able to connect them with opportunities that make sense for them,” Young explains. “Coming from a military background, leadership skills were not an issue for Barney, so we discussed his transition into the corporate world and the collection of experiences he hoped to gain.”

Though Hill and Young worked together to clearly define his career goals, the job search itself presented some difficulties.

“It can be very daunting for veterans to transition into more civilian roles,” Hill says. “I met with several companies that weren’t a fit for my skillset, but Kimberly taught me to always recognize my value and what I can bring to the table.”

Through her network, Young learned that UMB had key positions requiring veteran talent. Naturally, Hill came to Young’s mind, and near the end of his EMBA program, Hill began as a project manager in health-care services information technology at UMB. He was promoted to an IT manager a short eight months later.

“I couldn’t be more thankful for Kimberly’s caring and attention,” Hill says. “Her support helped me to stay above the fray, no matter the challenges I faced.”

This article is included in the 2016 Bloch Magazine. To read the full edition, click here.

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