Opportunity Knocks

becky-warrenAlways ready for the next experience, Rebecca Warren (BBA ’07, MBA ’09, CCHL’14) rode her Bloch education all the way to San Diego.

Warren never imagined a career working with information technology professionals and health care organizations. However, her previous experiences and Bloch School education showed her the importance of being open to new directions in your career.

Warren’s path to her future career began in 2002, when she decided to pursue her undergraduate degree at UMKC. As an undergrad, Warren didn’t take the normal path; she worked full time as an accounting manager while attending school at night. Used to juggling school and work, Warren decided to jump right into obtaining her MBA with an emphasis in international business and finance.

Opting to study abroad in London and China, Warren left her accounting job. A few months before she left the country, opportunity knocked in the form of on-campus interviews with Cerner.

After spending five years working in the Kansas City offices, Warren indicated her desire to relocate.  In 2013, when the company created a strategic partnership with a health system in San Diego to oversee the information technology department and focus on the population health programs, it was a natural fit for Warren.

“I already had friends in the area and an interest in population health, so it was a great move for me,” Warren said.

Recently, after a few years working in San Diego, Warren made another career stride when she accepted a position as a Senior Manager at BD. In this role, she is responsible for the introduction of new human resources technology to more than 50,000 associates in 57 countries. At times this can lead to heavy travel, which has provided several opportunities for her to revisit Asia and Europe and utilize the experience she gained from the study abroad portion of her MBA program.

Despite her schedule and distance from Kansas City, Warren maintains her connection to her alma mater. She serves as a member on the Bloch Alumni Association Board, which helps her stay abreast of new programs and meet current students.

“I always tell current Bloch students that they need to keep themselves open to opportunities,” Warren said. “My experiences at Bloch, especially the study abroad and focus on global market development and entrepreneurship, definitely prepared me for growing my career.”

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