High Achievers and Future Leaders

Team-building exercise at Harvesters; Photo credit: Janet Rogers, Strategic Marketing

Team-building exercise at Harvesters; Photo credit: Janet Rogers, Strategic Marketing

Full-Time MBA Students on Accelerated Path

A call went out for high achievers and future leaders from around the globe to enroll in the one-year Full-Time MBA program at the Henry W. Bloch School of Management.

It was answered.

Twenty-one professionals began the Bloch Intensive Full-Time MBA program on Aug. 3, and received full-tuition scholarships from the Marion and Henry Bloch Family Foundation. The cost per student is approximately $55,000.

Ten women and 11 men are enrolled in the new program. The goal for the program is to eventually enroll 40 to 50 students per year as it becomes better known.

“While one-year MBA programs are common in Europe and Canada, they are a specialty in the United States. But they are growing in popularity here and are available at universities such as Emory, Northwestern and Cornell,” said Dustin Cornwell, director of MBA programs. “In addition to less time and lower costs, a two-month, full-time paid MBA internship is included and will help students build their professional experience and develop relationships with employers.”

This program is designed for highly-motivated professionals, who seek innovative and entrepreneurial opportunities – all at the accelerated pace they desire.

Stephanie Bedard is an inaugural student who perfectly fits that profile.

“I have an excellent business foundation, thanks to bachelor studies at the University of South Carolina’s Moore School of Business and years working. I’m thrilled that the Bloch one-year, Full-Time MBA gives me an opportunity to pursue the master’s degree while minimizing the opportunity cost of time out of the workforce,” said Bedard. “As opposed to a part-time program, I was also attracted to the full immersion in the academic experience that a full-time program offers, allowing students to learn differently both within and outside of the classroom.”

According to Cornwell, students will learn the skills needed to leverage their passion, energy and work ethic, which can lead into an amazing career.

“And, they will complete the Bloch MBA in half the time of a traditional full-time program,” said Cornwell.

Anthony Quirarte, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, applied for the program specifically because it could be completed in one year.

“I chose the intensive MBA program for several reasons. One, I was transitioning out of the military and didn’t exactly know where I wanted to go. They seemed to offer me a lot of options for broadening my knowledge of the business world,” said Quirarte. “Two, I didn’t want to spend two years on a degree. Honestly, if there weren’t a one-year option, I would have skipped the MBA entirely and gone straight into the job market,” said Quirarte.

Another highly driven individual – benefactor Henry W. Bloch, co-founder of the H&R Block tax empire – is committed to funding a world-class MBA program as a way to give back to his hometown.

The full tuition provided by the Foundation includes the required university fees and costs associated with the three-week Global Immersion Capstone course, which will take place in China in June 2016. Books are not included in the scholarship.

Sidne Ward, Ph.D., associate professor of management information systems, will lead the Global Immersion capstone course in China. Students will work in teams on projects with businesses in China, beginning several months prior to their trip and will engage with others once there.

According to Cornwell, the curriculum is designed with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation – strengths of the Bloch School – and will provide students a strong foundation in business, communication and leadership skills.

“Students will learn to think in innovative ways, whether they hope to start their own business, work for an established company or pursue a career in the non-profit arena,” said Cornwell. “The faculty consist of some of the top teaching and research scholars at the Bloch School, as well as a few guest lecturers from industry and other universities, who will share their unique expertise and experience with our students.”

Bedard worked for Johnson & Johnson for several years, including working one year in the United Kingdom. She moved to Kansas City specifically for the program.

“I never visited the city until the week classes began. For me, choosing UMKC was a slow change of spirit,” said Bedard. “When I finally opened my eyes to the full range of possibilities, I knew I had to come to experience the entrepreneurial spark, to learn if I have what it takes and to reset my expectations of how I can change the world in the future. UMKC demonstrated a willingness to be part of my story, and I am excited to be here.”

|Wandra Brooks Green, Division of Strategic Marketing and Communications