Alumni Spotlight – Dynasti Hunt, EMBA ’13

dynasti hunt headshot

If you search the dictionary for go-getter, you’ll see the definition “a person who works very hard and who wants very much to succeed.” You may also see a picture of Dynasti Hunt (EMBA ’13).

Hunt describes herself as a strategic thought partner who believes in finding innovative solutions to fit the needs of all employees, while maintaining a focus on the mission, vision and values of an organization. She has applied this philosophy throughout each step of her career.

Hunt spent the beginning of her career with Target, where she worked as a Human Resources Executive Team Leader, and later a Store Team Leader. She then went on to become Human Resources Director, Employee Relations, for Kansas City Public Schools, where she was responsible for the employee relations division of the school district, servicing 2,300 employees. It was during her tenure with Kansas City Public Schools that Hunt enrolled in the EMBA program, although she didn’t always foresee this path.

“Funny enough, when I completed my undergraduate degree, I had convinced myself that I would not need to pursue another degree,” Hunt said. “However, as I continued to build my career, I realized that my concrete, 360 perspective of how all business functions operate collaboratively was missing.”

Filling this missing gap led Hunt to a positive experience in the Bloch EMBA.

“From the leadership residency to the amazing international residency in China, the opportunity to take class content and apply it to real life examples allowed me to understand how to quickly apply my learnings to everyday work,” she said.

And while the curriculum broadened her mind, the connections she built through the EMBA were a great added value.

“The relationships I built through having the same cohort for two years are invaluable,” Hunt said. “They are relationships I will have for a lifetime and make every project, deliverable and late night of homework worth it.”

Recently, Hunt used her furthered education to step into the role of Vice President of Human Resources at Rocketship Education, after serving as their Senior Director of Human Resources since 2013. Joining this organization meant relocating from Kansas City to San Francisco, but that doesn’t stop Hunt from singing the Bloch School’s praises.

“I would absolutely recommend the Bloch School and the EMBA,” she said. “The tools that I learned and have able to use have allowed me to advance my own career and also teach others what I’ve learned as result.”

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